WORCESTER ENGINEERING employ Engineers experienced enough to Stick Weld (MMA) at the highest level.

Many 'welders' nowadays struggle with the old fashioned Manual Metal Arc process. Over the last twenty years, MIG Welding has slowly out paced more traditional methods. However, there's still many applications and scenarios an experienced, time served STICK WELDER can roll out the diesel driven kit!

Our Engineers have been called out many times to repair broken or torn stick welds that have clearly been laid down by an inexperienced person. In rural, remote and hostile environments there is often a lack or NO power available to drive decent kit. An experienced - 'old school' - STICK WELDER with mobile diesel driven kit is sometimes the only solution.

Our mobile stick welding team service the agricultural / farming community in Worcester, Malvern, Hereford, Ledbury, Upton upon Severn, Tewkesbury and across Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire.

Please email or telephone us on 07899 920 157 to arrange a free no obligation quotation